Maldonado ‘rejects’ Friday handover


1429385373In the latter stages of this week, it has been circulating around the paddock that Lotus driver Pastor Maldonado has ‘rejected’ Lotus’ request to sit out Friday practice in favour of test driver Jolyon Palmer.


There have been reports circulating that Maldonado has ‘rejected’ up to two requests from the Lotus team to sit out FP1 practice sessions to allow Palmer the chance to run. But his team mate Romain Grosjean has instead had to give up his car to allow Palmer the opportunity to run.

It has been reported that they have asked Maldonado to sit out the practice sessions and ‘be fair’ and sit out. Both Maldonado and his management have denied the claims.

It has been suggested that Maldonado’s sponsors PDVSA give the Lotus team up to £40 million euros a year in sponsorship in order to allow him to drive for the team and is in a ‘strong position’ with his contract.

Even though we don’t know what the actual facts are surrounding these reports in the latter stages of this week; the fact remains that money talks in Formula One and that would appear to be the case here.

I have stated a few times my thoughts on Maldonado and his abilities as a driver; but without the money he brings to Lotus, they wouldn’t be racing.

While I understand that, the fact remains that he shouldn’t be in the sport because of the money he brings; it should be about talent. And I believe he doesn’t possess that despite having one win under his belt.

And if these claims are true, it maybe that Grosjean has to once again step down to allow Palmer the opportunity to gain more experience on track.

And it seems that will be the case if Maldonado’s contract is what it appears to be; even though it’s not fair and equal, just like Formula One can be at the best of times.


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