Volkswagen chief Piech quits company


Over the weekend, it was announced that Volkswagen chief Ferdinand Peich has stepped down from his role in the company.

This weekend saw him stand down from his role after a power struggle with Chief Executive Martin Winterkorn. The company backed WInterkorn’s bid of board chairman; therefore ending the texture that Peich has held since 1993 with immediate effect.

Over recent years, it has been reported that Peich has not wanted to the company to enter Formula One. This is believed to be due to his own personal feud with Bernie Ecclestone which has stopped VW entering the sport.

During his eight years with the company, Winterkorn has raised the profile of VW’s prescence in other forms of Motorsport such as World Rally Championships which they have been very successful in and have won the last two championships.

Even though they have been successful there, the VW group believed that due to the way F1 was governed under Ecclestone; they would not enter the sport.

But there is no guarantees that Peich’s departure will help them get into the sport in the near future. But a change in the boardroom could consider this a possibility.

There are rumours circulating that the VW Group could be linked to the Red Bull team after their relationship with Renault is currently under strain. But even if that was the case, they couldn’t work together until 2017 when their current contract with Renault runs out.


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