McLaren set for livery change for the Spanish GP


It was announced yesterday that the McLaren-Honda team are expected to run a change of livery and a colour change for the Spanish Grand next week as the F1 season moves to Europe.

The McLaren team have been running a basic silver, dark grey and dayglo red colour scheme from Melbourne; which is very similar when they were partnered with Mercedes Benz.

Ever since McLaren reignited their partnership with Honda; it has been expected by many pundits and fans that they would move away from this colour scheme.

It was confirmed by McLaren CEO Ron Dennis at the start of the season that the colour scheme on the car would change and it would be a commercial decision if what would change substantially.

As to which direction the McLaren team will be going into is unclear, but with many fans wanting the team to go back to the colours they had when both parties were successful in the 1980’s and early 1990’s; we will have to see if that is the case.

But as a McLaren fan, I’m looking forward to the unveiling and seeing the new changes ahead of the Spanish GP next weekend.


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