Toro Rosso will only be bringing small upgrades for rest of the season


In an interview with the media today, Toro Rosso driver Carlos Sainz Jr has stated that the team will only be bringing small upgrades to the car for the rest of the season ahead.

The Toro Rosso team have brought according to their Technical Director James Key ‘an almost completely brand new car’ to the third pre-season test at Barcelona by bringing new areodynamic packaging, cooling and suspension.

As a result of this, the team have had a promising start to the season with Sainz scoring points on his debut in Melbourne  and Max Verstappen scoring his first points in Malaysia and becoming the youngest points scorer in the sports history.

With most teams bringing big upgrades to the Spanish GP next weekend, in his interview today Sainz Jr has stated that this will not be the case for the Toro Rosso team. Sainz Jr said the following:-

‘We are obviously bringing some aero upgrades but not a lot. The biggest aero upgrade was obviously in test three at Barcelona. Now every upgrade will be much smaller.’

It is clear that the upgrade Toro Rosso brought to the third pre-season test in Barcelona has paid off for them by the team scoring points at Melbourne and Malaysia.

But it would appear that it could be that they don’t have the budget they would like to develop the car over the season as much as they would have liked and this could hinder progress during the season ahead.

At present Toro Rosso is currently in seventh place in the Constructors Championship after they was fifth after scoring points in Malaysia.

But further on in his interview today, Sainz Jr has stated that the problems that the team and their sister team Red Bull are experiencing could be further worked on and improved especially after his team mate Verstappen had an engine failure despite being in the points in China.

Sainz Jr added the following:-

‘The biggest improvement we need now is on the engine side. We need to improve that, as this is the area where we gain the most performance.’

Even though Sainz Jr makes a valid point here about the Renault engine; it also the team that need to push as much as possible in order to improve performance also.

As without the car, you cannot perform and without an good engine; you cannot perform either. But overall, all you can say is that maybe Sainz Jr stating that Toro Rosso will be bringing smaller upgrades during the course of the season ahead is letting their rivals know that they haven’t got the funds needed to sustain their current level of performance.

And with their rivals making steps all the time; this could hinder the valid steps of progress that the team have made this season. But all Sainz Jr can do is make the best of the situation and deliver on the track at every avaliable opportunity.


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