McLaren reveal new livery for the Spanish GP


This morning, the McLaren-Honda F1 Team has unveiled the new livery that its Formula 1 cars will run in from this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix.

The team announced on Tuesday that it was dropping the chrome elements of its 2015 colour scheme in favour of a “dynamic, predatory, graphite-grey colouration” that it hoped would work better in both bright sunshine and floodlit night races.

The livery for McLaren’s first season with Honda power since 1992 was the subject of much speculation over the winter and there was widespread disappointment among fans when the team revealed colours relatively similar to its previous look.

Team chairman Ron Dennis said at the time that a change of livery could come later in the season; but he suggested it would be for commercial rather than aesthetic reasons. Dennis stated the following during pre-season testing as follows:-

‘Yes we could change colour. Yes we could do something more daring. Yes we could do all these things. But give me a reason why? If it is just to make something more aesthetically pleasing, that is not enough reason for me. Don’t worry – it will change. But I will not say when.’

As we all know, prior to this weekend’s change, McLaren had run silver-based liveries since 1997, when it swapped from the red-and-white colours it had used during its two-decade association with Marlboro.

But for me as a big McLaren fan, I am unsure of the change to the livery (see picture at the end of the article). I do like the company logo on the rear wing which is a great touch but as for the double red on the front nose, that will take some getting used to.

But overall, the pundits and fans might be disappointed with the new livery that has been brought to the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend, but all I will say is that Dennis has stated that the livery will change; patience is all that is required, it will happen sooner or later.




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