Bottas: I have no deal for 2016


In an interview with the media today, Williams driver Valtteri Bottas’ future has yet to be decided with the Finn revealing he doesn’t have a contract in place for next year.

In recent weeks, the Finn has been linked to a move from Williams to Ferrari. But according to speculation he has signed a pre-contract with Ferrari which initially was thought to be for next season but other reports claim it is actually for 2017.

The reason for the year-long delay is that Williams are believed to have an option on Bottas for next season. For now, though, his future has yet to be decided. When asked in his interview today if he had  pre-agreement with Ferrari in place, he told the media: “No.”

In fact Bottas doesn’t have anything in place with any team for next season. Bottas stated the following in his interview with the media today on the situation:-

‘I don’t have anything for next year. My management is doing all that and maybe there’s some things they didn’t tell me so maybe you should ask them. At the moment I’m not thinking about any move, I’m just thinking about getting the best out of this season.

‘That’s for my management to think about and I’m sure they have some kind of plan for this season for the years ahead.’

Overall, you cannot disagree with Bottas here. At the end of the day, Bottas has made his position known today and has the right attitude; which is leaving these matters to his management team and concentrating on his perfomance on the track.

But if Williams have an option on him for next year, you can be sure that Bottas’ management team and also the team themselves will be looking into extending their working relationship for as long as possible. Even though the latest rumours that are circulating regarding his move to Ferrari, that is all it is until any announcement is made on the situation.

That is not to say that Bottas doesn’t deserve to go to Ferrari, he does. Bottas is a potential Grand Prix winner and world champion; has the speed and also the right mindset and attitude towards racing in the sport. And no matter where Bottas goes in the future, he will succeed without a shadow of a doubt.

But to sum it up; Bottas and his management team will decide which team on the grid will be able to give him the success that he craves and what he deserves. Only they can decide that and it is a calculated risk no matter what team Bottas picks to ensure his future in F1. But will Williams or Ferrari win his services? Only time will tell.



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