FIA issue new-fuel clampdown to all teams


It has been announced this morning that the FIA has sent Formula 1 teams a new technical directive clamping down on fuel pressure and fuel-flow rates.

it was rumoured at the Australian Grand Prix the FIA had issued a directive allowing it to measure fuel pressure throughout each car’s fuel system.

The location of the previous fuel-flow sensor made it possible in theory to accumulate fuel between the sensor and the fuel injectors. The fuel could then be pumped into the engine at a greater pressure and/or fuel-flow rate, which is limited to 100kg/h, to boost engine power beyond what is permitted by the regulations.

On Saturday, it is to be understood the FIA sent teams a further directive to clarify what they are allowed to do.

The directive specified that fuel pressure in the high and low pressure systems must “remain constant above a flow rate of 90kg/hr”, meaning it must stay in the 90-100kg/hr rate at all times.

The governing body added that it does not “consider it necessary to define here what we consider constant” but will instead speak to the relevant teams should an issue arise. The FIA plans to carry out physical inspections of all fuel systems to ensure they comply with the regulations.

All you can say about this is that it is clear that the FIA felt that they need to improve and also keep an eye on the situation and have come up with a viable and fair solution in order to do so. With what they have given to the teams today, the constant fuel rate guideline is very clear but what is still not clear is what the punishments will be if a team is to be found over this guideline.

But that hopefully will come in good time and the FIA could be very well working on these at the moment and could announce it as soon as they’ve announced this, but only time will tell.



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