GPDA and launch global fan survey on F1


It has been announced this afternoon that the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association (GPDA) and have joined forces to enable followers of the FIA Formula 1 World Championship to voice their opinions about the sport in an in-depth global fan survey.

The survey is now online at, and it is open to all fans of Formula 1 to give their thoughts on the sport they love. It comprises 50 questions on all aspects of F1, and is aimed at all types of fan – from armchair enthusiasts to committed race-goers.

The GPDA is the independent association of active Formula 1 drivers, formed in 1961, that has previously focused primarily on safety issues in the sport. It has chosen’s unique international network to deliver this survey in 12 languages, and forms an integral part of its #RACINGUNITED community campaign.

In a press statement to the media this afternoon, GPDA Chairman Alex Wurz stated the following about the survey:- 

‘As F1 drivers we share a passion and deep love for our sport with our fans. We want to give every F1 fan the opportunity to share that passion and for us to understand what they really think about us and our sport.

‘We’ve heard the calls for fans to be consulted and this is our initiative to make that a reality.’

The partnership is the latest exciting development in the portfolio, which has expanded its global network rapidly in 2015 with more plans in the pipeline and’s Editor in Chief Charles Bradley stated the following to the press this afternoon as follows:-

‘There is no better partner for a global F1 fan survey than the stars of the show themselves: the drivers. The driving force behind this initiative is to allow fans of the sport to have their say. The fans are the true consumers of what happens both on and off the track, and their views haven’t really been listened to in recent years.

‘Thanks to our growing international network, we’re the perfect partner to deliver this survey to allow F1’s drivers to learn more about fans who follow and support them so passionately.’

I repeat the sentiments I shared with the Autosport, F1 Racing and Motorsport News survey that was launched yesterday; this is our chance to raise our concerns and fears about the sport we love so much; either watching it, following it online or writing about it like I do. I would strong urge you to complete both surveys and make your views heard.

The link again to the global fan survey which will be online for two weeks is here:- the headline results from the survey will be available from July.



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