Kvyat: It was a very positive day


In an interview with the media yesterday, Red Bull driver Daniil Kvyat has set his sights on a podium spot after a career-best P4 finish at the Monaco Grand Prix.

The Russian scored only five points in the first five races of the season and was generally overshadowed by team-mate Daniel Ricciardo. However, things clicked for Kvyat in Monte Carlo as he came from fifth on the grid to finish behind Nico Rosberg, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton.

His afternoon got off to a magical start as he got the better of Ricciardo off the line and he held off his team-mate until he was ordered to let the Australian through in the final few laps. Ricciardo was told to put pressure on Vettel and Hamilton for the final podium place, but he couldn’t pull it off and was then ordered to hand fourth place back to his team-mate.

In his interview with the media yesterday, Kvyat expressed his relief of having finally scored his first points for the Red Bull team and also his highest finish of his career so far. Kvyat stated the following:-

“It was a strategy gamble. He was meant to overtake the people in front, the Mercedes and Ferrari, but it didn’t happen.

“So then we stick to the fair plan because they tried the strategy with him, not with me. It was a very positive day. It was my highest, by far, career finish in F1. So to be fair massive relief. Next step, you know where it is. I’m feeling actually quite happy at the moment.’

Even though things didn’t work out for Ricciardo, it managed to work out for Kvyat instead and I am pleased that he scored his first points for the Red Bull team and also his highest finish in the sport so far.

Many people have suggested that Kvyat wasn’t ready for the call to Red Bull this season and I believe that this isn’t simply not the case. He is more than talented enough to be there and needs to be given time in order to adjust and get settled into the team. He has shown last season that if he has the car underneath him, he can deliver and this applies here too.

And Kvyat yesterday drove superbly and proved his doubters wrong. All he has to do now is use this as a platform to build upon and keep taking the chances to score points as and when they arrive. But what is clear is that Kvyat is a talent of the future; all he needs is the luck and the car underneath him to deliver his potential.


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