Mercedes looking into their Monaco blunder at a debrief at their factory


It was announced this morning that the Mercedes team will look to get to the bottom of their Monaco blunder at a debrief at their factory.

The defending Champions looked set for a 1-2 finish at Monte Carlo on Sunday, but their decision to pit race leader Lewis Hamilton for a fresh set of tyres backfired.

With Nico Rosberg in the second Mercedes and Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel opting not to pit, it meant that Hamilton finished the race in third place.

In an interview today with the media, Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff has stated that the team had made a mistake and squad will “analyse” the “gremlins in the system” at their Brackley base this morning. Wolff stated the following:-

‘We discussed it in an overview and we get back together on Tuesday morning to analyse it and by then we will know where we had a gremlin in the system.’

It is clear that there still some questions left unanswered from last weekend in Monaco and they believe that the debrief will help them get the answers that they need in order to understand exactly what happened in order to stop this happening again.

Further on in his interview, Wolff hasn’t lost any faith in his team as a result of this mistake and believes that they will be able to correct the issues that happened last weekend. Wolff added the following:-

‘I rate that guy and his group just as highly as I did before the race. He was dragged in by a decision, fooled by the numbers. There is no doubt what happened. We had a problem in our data tools and those data tools have won us many great races.’

Overall, it is clear that Wolff believes in the personnel and talent that they have working within the team and that these situations occur sometimes. But all they can do is in the debrief today is find out exactly what happened, resolve the issue and try to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

Because if it does, not only will make the team look incompetent; it will also test the patience of their drivers. This time it affected Hamilton and took away clearly a victory that he was heading for after dominating the race until this happened; Mercedes cannot afford to make anymore mistakes like this and were lucky that Rosberg were in second place and it wasn’t the Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel who appears to be their closest rival at the moment.


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