Massa happy with race pace that he showed in the Canadian GP yesterday


Despite car trouble during Saturday’s qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix, Williams driver Felipe Massa put on a strong showing in Sunday’s race.

Massa, who could not progress past the first qualifying session, started from 15th on the grid. Williams engineers found the problem to be in the turbocharger of the Mercedes powerplant. It was fixed, giving Massa a very quick car come raceday.

In his interview with the media yesterday, Massa was thrilled with how it performed, even with WIlliams opting to use a one stop strategy. Massa stated the following:-

‘After a challenging qualifying for me yesterday I’m happy with how the race has gone and I’ve picked up some good points. Starting P15 was always going to lead to a busy race and there was a lot of great overtaking and the car had good consistent pace. We managed to have a one stop race and still keep the pace with the option tyre at the end which was fantastic.’

Massa should be happy with what he achieved in the Canadian GP yesterday after starting in P15. Massa battled through the grid to get there and drove a great race and with Massa being happy with the pace and performance shown from the car, this will only spur him on for the rest of the season and gives him a platform to build upon.

further on in his interview yesterday, Massa said that he was confident that Williams would continue to put pressure on their more fancied rivals, especially as new upgrades would be arriving for the FW37. Massa added the following on the subject:-

‘With the car I had today I could have been fighting for podiums, but all in all this has been a very positive weekend for the team and we should be very competitive in the next few races, especially with some upgrades planned for the car.’

It is clear that Massa believes that there is still scope for Williams to improve on for the rest of the season and believes that with the new upgrades coming in the next few races, this could be their best chance of gaining ground on their rivals and fight for podium positions. With his team mate Valtteri Bottas managing to finish in third, he became the first non Mercedes or Ferrari driver to achieve a podium this season.

And that has to be something for Massa to aim for and something that he can achieve for the rest of the season. Massa has shown this weekend despite everything that happened to him that if he has the car underneath him, he can deliver and deliver well. He should be proud of what he achieved in the race yesterday after a great drive and he deserved to pick up some points for his efforts and also gained my driver of the day award.

But with the next few races being some of Williams’ best chances to gain great results, all that they can do is ensure that they bring their upgrades as quickly as possible and give Massa and Bottas the tools to do the job on the track; which they can do provided that this is the case and they also have the ability to build upon what they have achieved in Canada as a result of this too; that is without question.


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