New Chassis expected for Ricciardo for the Austrian GP


It was announced yesterday that following his Canadian GP woes, Daniel Ricciardo will be racing a new chassis at the next grand prix in Austria.

Ricciardo struggled with pace during last Sunday’s Canadian Grand Prix, a race the Red Bull driver started in ninth place. But rather than battle for points, he dropped down the order, finishing in a disappointing 13th place.

Rating it as his “worst” grand prix, Ricciardo has revealed in an interview with the media yesterday that he’ll be getting a new chassis for the upcoming Austrian GP which will hopefully see him pick up the pace. Ricciardo stated the following:-

‘It was my worst race. I can still laugh because I know that there was something fundamentally wrong with the car. I’m not a second slower than [Daniil] Kvyat and I haven’t suddenly forgotten how to drive.

‘We will know in Austria, as I am scheduled to get a new chassis there. I don’t think that it’s the chassis, as I’ve never been wild with the kerbs or hit the wall or anything – there is nothing that could explain that sort of damage.’

Even though Ricciardo didn’t have a great Canadian GP by his own standards, he believes that there is something wrong with the car and doesn’t feel that he is slower than his team mate who happened to extract pace and performance from the car and gained a points finish.

As Ricciardo says, all he can do for the moment is hopefully show that the new chassis is worthy of his talent and he can deliver on the track like we know he can while Red Bull add this problem to a ever growing list in order to try and understand what is wrong with their car and why they can’t deliver like seasons past and they have to do this as quickly as possible if they want to salvage something from this season.


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