Goodyear will not be returning to F1 yet


Despite being the most successful tyre company in the history of Formula 1, Goodyear will not submit a tender to become a supplier from 2017 it has been announced today.

Although they have not yet officially confirmed their decision, sources have told the media that the company will continue to focus on NASCAR and Moto 2, amongst other racing disciplines.

President of Goodyear’s European, Middle Eastern and African business unit, Darren Wells,  would not be drawn on the subject during an interview with the media today. Wells stated the following:-

‘Motorsport is core to the motorsport brand and business. Whenever there is a motorsport opportunity we will spend time thinking about it but we have to be selective and make sure we are prepared.’

As Wells states, motorsport is their business and this is what they do. Of course, you have to decide and consider all the risks, investment and rewards when you want to supply to any series of motorsport and that is what Goodyear are doing at the moment and will base their decision upon this.

Further on in his interview with the media, he did however confirm that a decision will be taken very soon. Wells added the following on the subject:-

‘I expect, one way or another that you will find out next week.’

Overall, it is clear that Goodyear are considering their options at the moment and seeing if it is worth coming back to Formula One in the near future in order to grow their business further. Let us not forget that they will be evaluating all the options that they have and will make a calculated risk on how to expand the company and its future in the industry which may or may not pay off for them.

Let us not forget that Goodyear, who last competed in Formula 1 in the 1997; have a proud history in the sport, winning 25 driver’s titles, 26 constructor’s championships and 361 Grand Prix. But will we see them return to the sport in the near future? The possibility cannot be dismissed and it would be great if they did and see if they can build on what they have achieved hopefully in years to come.


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