Horner extends contract with Red Bull

F1 Grand Prix of Belgium - Practice

Over the weekend, Red Bull Team Principal in an interview with the media Christian Horner in an interview with the media has ended speculation his job is under threat by confirming he has signed a contract extension.

With Red Bull still struggling and owner Dietrich Mateschitz once again threatening to pull the team out of F1 completely; there were rumours Horner’s role at the team was at risk. As team principal Horner has been instrumental in turning Red Bull from a midfield outfit to a team which won four drivers’ and constructors’ championships in a row.

In an interview with the media at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend, Horner brushed off the speculation and confirmed a new long-term deal. Horner stated the following:-

‘I didn’t lose any sleep over it because it is absolutely not true. I recently signed an extension to my contract with Red Bull. I have a great relationship with Dietrich Mateschitz and my goal is very much on getting the team back to the situation we were in 18 months ago.’

From what Horner has stated, he has now put the rumours to bed by confirming his contract extension. It is clear that Horner has now intentions of leaving Red Bull and wants to get the team back to winning ways as soon as he possibly can.

Further on in his interview with the media this weekend, Horner blames social media for the rumours and thinks its always important to take them with a pinch of salt. Horner added the following on the situation as follows:-

‘It is total rubbish. The thing is not to put too much energy into things like that, but in the world we live in sometimes people from rival teams say things and they get picked up and then a story goes on the internet and it goes from there.

‘That is the problem with social media – two weeks ago I was taking over from Bernie [Ecclestone], this week I was leaving the team, next week I’ll be driving the car probably.’

As Horner rightly says, social media is good for the sport as it allows fans to communicate with each other and also the teams and the drivers to interact with the fans. However, it does have its downsides as Horner has said with rumours that are untrue coming to light but all you can do as he rightly points out is to ignore that and concentrate on the job at hand.

And that is what Horner will do. Let us not forget that Horner is the man responsible for getting Red Bull to the front of the grid and achieving four consecutive Drivers and Constructors Championships and he’ll be the man that brings that back to the team as well; even though it’ll take some time, hard work and patience to achieve that, but it’ll be ever the more sweeter when it happens.


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