F1 plans to overhaul Grand Prix weekend formats


It has been announced yesterday that Formula 1’s grand prix weekend format could be set for a 2016 overhaul, with changes described as “exciting and innovative” that are currently being reviewed by the FIA and Formula One Management.

Following this week’s Strategy Group meeting at Biggin Hill, motorsport’s governing body announced at Silverstone on Thursday that changes could be made to the race weekend format for next season.

In a statement to the media, the FIA said the following on the subject at hand:-

‘Several exciting and innovative changes to the qualifying and race weekend formats have been discussed. [These] are being evaluated by FIA and FOM for a 2016 introduction.’

In his own interview with the media, FIA president Jean Todt recently told selected media he was interested in making changes to F1 weekends. Todt stated the following:-

‘The format of the race weekend could be improved. Whether we should have the race 10 laps shorter or longer, it’s something you can debate.Should we do a sprint race on Saturday? Why not?’

Even though there are plans to change the weekend format, I feel that the format is fine the way that it is. Even though F1’s qualifying format has undergone myriad revisions through the championship’s 65-year history, any introduction of a second race per weekend would be breaking new ground.

And even though Formula One does need to break ground in other aspects of the sport that need to be sorted, this I feel is not one of them and it would be stupid to change what we have now. Even though sprint races are in other series such as GP2; this would then add to the cost of competing in the sport which they want to reduce; even though it would be great to see it happening.

But at the moment, I feel that the FIA and FOM need to concentrate on other pressing aspects of the sport that need to be changed and not in my opinion trivial matters such as this. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject and seeing if you agree with me or not.


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