Aston Martin F1 deal is probably “improbable”


Earlier this week, car manufacturer Aston Martin has not ruled out future involvement in Formula One, but its CEO Andy Palmer says it is “improbable”.

The luxury car brand is rumoured to be discussing a deal with Red Bull that would see the F1 team supplied with Mercedes Benz engines once its Renault deal has expired. Mercedes and Red Bull both played down the speculation over the British Grand Prix weekend and now Palmer has told the media that a deal with an F1 team (Red Bull or otherwise) is unlikely. Palmer stated the following:-

‘The bottom line is that it would be very difficult for us. We as a company don’t have the kind of money to go into Formula One and make a decent job of it. Unless I thought we could be challenging Ferrari in some way, shape or form I just wouldn’t contemplate doing it.

‘The best I can tell you is that it’s improbable. I never say never but it’s improbable. I think most of the teams in the pit lane at one moment or other since I’ve been here in the last nine months have approached me in some way, shape or form. Not Ferrari or McLaren, for obvious reasons.’

As Palmer has rightly stated in his interview today, it would be very difficult for Aston Martin to enter F1 at the moment due to how much financial capital and investment is needed in order to compete never mind win in the sport.

Even though he has stated that it is “improbable”, he has not denied that several teams have approached with regards to getting involved in Formula One but I think he has the right attitude that if he and the manufacturer cannot compete with the likes of Ferrari in the sport; there is no point wasting money that could be better spent.

At the moment, Aston Martin is involved in GT racing, but Palmer has further stated that said a Formula One campaign would require “serious money”. Palmer added the following:-

‘Everybody knows Aston Martin. I have a job to do in terms of getting us back into the conversation amongst people that cross-shop sportscars, be it McLaren, be it Ferrari or Porsche. I need to be in that conversation. But to get into Formula One, that’s serious money that I don’t have.’

As Palmer points out, he has a job to place Aston Martin in the most competitive light in order to show that they can do it; while also selling cars which is the real reason why they take part in motorsport series such as GT Racing and if they cannot get the level of success needed to get that level of reward in F1; there’s not much point in doing it.

Overall, it is clear at this moment in time that Palmer and Aston Martin as much as they would like to enter the sport have not got the funds needed to enter the sport. Even though Palmer has admitted that Aston Martin has been approached by F1 teams; the fact that they have is enough in itself.

Will we see them compete in Formula One in the next 5-10 years? Maybe not. Will we see them in the near future? Who knows.


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