FIA announce that a new fuel sensor is available

FIA Formula One World Championship, Turkish Grand Prix, Istanbul

It has been announced today that the FIA has approved another design regarding a fuel flow senor, which now means that the Formula 1 teams now have a second option when it comes to a fuel flow sensor.

It has been reported in the media that a new unit which is designed by Sentronics Limited will soon be available to all engine suppliers. To date, the only sensors regarding fuel flow sensors in the sport were supplied by Gill Motorsport Systems.

The new unit which features a unique mechanical and electronic setup, differs vastly to its competitor. Sentronics believe that its unique flow-path makes it both extremely reliable and consistent.  It is thought that the unit will be thoroughly tested by Formula 1 engine suppliers in the near future.

Maximising fuel flow is an important factor in Formula 1 and many problems were first encountered when new engine regulations came into effect. Gill Motorsport Systems have also continued to make changes to their device as teams come to grips with these changes.

In an interview with the media today, Sentronics Managing Director, Neville Meech has stated that the design of the unit took some time to complete and that it had undergone rigorous testing. This was to ensure that it met with all FIA requirements.  Meech stated the following:-

‘The FIA’s and competitors’ experience of the technology in its first year understandably had an effect on the approach to homologation a second sensor. Practically speaking, this led to a much more rigorous set of validation criteria for homologation alongside the technical specification itself.

‘Satisfying these requirements has been a challenging and lengthy process, but I can say our end product is all the stronger for it.’

Overall, I can’t really say much about this issue as it’s hard for me to understand the technical side of the sport sometimes; but it is clear that the FIA are happy for a new sensor to be included that the teams can use if it will benefit them and their cars. Meech is happy to have undertaken the hard work and commitment needed to make a complicated system like this and hopes that he will be able to show this in the team’s that choose his system.

Question is; will anyone choose the second system? Only time will tell.


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