Mexico F1 circuit facelift is nearly complete


It has been announced today that the construction work taking place at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez (the venue for the Mexico Grand Prix) remains on track ahead of the race later this year.

The North American country returns to Formula 1 this year after a 23-year absence with the race pencilled in for the weekend of November 1.

The 4.314km Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez has undergone major renovations and the race promoter has revealed 80 per cent of the work is already complete and excitement is building. In an interview with the media today, the Mexican GP circuit promoter Federico Gonzalez Compean believes that the country is excited to be hosting an F1 event and they are counting the days until the race is here. Compean stated the following:-

‘There is a lot of excitement.  After 23 years of absence there is a lot of excitement, not just in Mexico City but all across the country. People are counting the days and we are almost ready. We are 80 per cent finished with the construction, so we feel confident.’

‘We are focusing now on the experience people are going to have at the grand prix. It’s not only about the race, it’s about the experience and what people are expecting across the whole weekend.

‘How we can get the city to embrace the race and the whole adventure of Formula 1 coming back to Mexico City.’

It is clear that Mexico is looking forward to its return to the sport this season after 23 years of not being on the calendar and that everything is going according to plan for them. Compean has the right attitude and now they have to concentrate on making sure they have everything in place to justify the fans spending their hard earned money and giving them an experience they will never forget and want to repeat.

Although ticket sales for this year’s event have been good so far, Compean admits they know they need to look at things on the longer term. Compean added the following:-

‘With the series we own, the Mexican NASCAR series, we sell about 100,000 tickets per year and with this one we almost sold that in the first issue of tickets.

‘The challenge we have now is to sustain that. We can’t be like ‘OK we’re done for the next five years’. We are conscious that we have to focus on continuity.’

Compean has summed it up well with what he has stated here. They have the experience from hosting other races and they can use this in order to get themselves a platform to use, develop and build on in order to get hosting Formula One right.

He is right; continuity is key in Formula One and they have to deliver to a high standard; otherwise there are plenty of other countries who will take Mexico’s place. Let’s hope Mexico can do what they have with other series and host the Grand Prix for many years to come.


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