Raikkonen wants to stay at Ferrari for 2016


In an interview with the media today, Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen says he wants to stay with the Ferrari Formula 1 team next season but is none the wiser as to whether it wants to keep him.

Raikkonen’s future has been the subject of speculation this year on the back of an inconsistent first half of the season which has left him 59 points adrift of team-mate Sebastian Vettel.

FerrariTeam principal Maurizio Arrivabene said recently it would be demotivating to decide the Finn’s future already but he added it is up to Raikkonen to prove he deserves the seat.

Raikkonen’s deal runs until the end of this season, with an option on the team’s side for 2016. In his interview with the media today, Raikkonen believes that the situation with his contract is the same every year and has made it clear to the team that he wants to remain with them; no matter what the press says. Raikkonen stated the following:-

‘Every year I’m in the same situation – it makes no difference if I have a contract or not. I have a contract but it is an option. I made it very clear to the team what I would like to happen which is to be here next year, but I don’t know any more than you guys.

‘I don’t read a lot of stuff in the press but I can see a lot being written. I don’t know what will happen so there is no point in guessing. I would like to know but I will wait until I know and we see what happens after that. I’m pretty sure I will be one of the first to know rather than reading from a newspaper.’

As Raikkonen has stated in his interview, the situation regarding his contract with the team is the same every year and as a seasoned driver; he knows and understands the rituals. But the fact that he has a contract for next year if the team want him is a good thing. As for the press, I agree with Raikkonen, Ferrari will tell him what will be happening before it is released to the media and is not worried about the press coverage he is receiving at the moment.

Despite the speculation surrounding his future and the number of problems he has suffered so far, further on in his interview Raikkonen has stated that he still remains confident in his abilities as a driver. Raikkonen added the following:-

‘I don’t see the point in racing if I didn’t believe I have the speed. I am sure I have. I have demonstrated many times but when you look at the points and results sometimes it doesn’t show. I know the real story, it’s no real problem for me.’

You cannot really argue with what Raikkonen has stated in his interview today. After all, Raikkonen knows how the business works and understand the proceedures to renew a contract with a team. Even though he has a lot of press attention on him at the moment, this will not affect his ability as a driver and it is clear that he feels he has a lot to offer the team still.

While this is true; you have to sadly say that his performances are not as consistent as they need to be, especially compared to his team mate Sebastian Vettel. But that is not to say that Raikkonen has lost his talent; if anything all he needs is a weekend where everything comes together and he will deliver.

At the moment, Raikkonen is not fussed about what is happening regarding his future with Ferrari and the press coverage that is currently upon him. All he wants to do is go out on track and deliver the best performances that he can while with his management work on staying with the team for next year; which is clear is where he wants to be, but will he be retained? Only time will tell.


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