Penalty points for several drivers after the Hungarian GP


It was announced after the Hungarian GP that Lotus driver Pastor Maldonado has picked up more penalty points after being penalised by the stewards on three separate occasions during the race.

The Lotus driver was given two separate drive-through penalties for colliding with Sergio Perez and speeding in the pits, plus a ten-second time penalty for overtaking Will Stevens during the Safety Car period. He was also given two penalty points for the clash with Perez, moving him onto a total of six over the past two months – halfway towards a race ban.

Meanwhile his team mate Romain Grosjeanalso picked up two penalty points for an unsafe release from the pits, when he drove side-by-side with Felipe Massa down the narrow Hungaroring pit exit. Grosjean is also on six penalty points for the year so far.

But Lewis Hamilton was given his first two penalty points for colliding with Daniel Ricciardo, while Max Verstappen moves onto a total of five having picked up three for driving too quickly during the Safety Car period. The stewards did not penalise Verstappen for his collision with Bottas, ruling he “took reasonable actions to avoid contact”.

Two further penalty points were handed to Daniil Kvyat for going off the track at turn while overtaking Hamilton, who left the circuit at the same point.

However, Nico Rosberg and Daniel Ricciardo were cleared over their collision. The race stewards announced after the race that they had “examined the entire sequence of events leading up to the incident” and ruled that “no driver was wholly or predominately to blame” for the incident.


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