Tweaks have been made to the Singapore GP track


It has been announced today that the Marina Bay Street Circuit will undergo a couple of minor changes ahead of this year’s Singapore Grand Prix with organisers hoping it will aid overtaking.

Modifications have been made at Turns 11, 12 and 13 with the former two no longer a fast chicane as Turn 11 will remain a right-hand, but it will be re-aligned to sit tighter with the left-hand side of Fullerton Road for a slightly slower corner speed.

The left-hand Turn 12 will also be modified slightly so that drivers now enter the left lane of Anderson Bridge, before accelerating towards Turn 13. The hairpin at Turn 13 will be widened by one metre to enable more overtaking opportunities.

In a statement to the press today, Senior Project Manager and Engineering Track Manager Jonathan Giesecke said the following about the changes made to the circuit as follows:-

‘It is a fantastic challenge to translate changes to Singapore’s Civic District into improvements to the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

‘I expect the modifications from Turns 11 to 13 will enable closer racing and the potential for additional passing opportunities.’


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