Honda to spend three tokens for the Belgian GP


It has been announced today that engine manufacturer Honda is hard at work back at its Tochigi engine facility in Japan as it looks to close the gap to rival engine manufacturers at the Belgian Grand Prix when the season resumes after the summer break.

However Honda’s engineers won’t be taking a two-week break like the teams as they, along with Formula 1’s other engine suppliers, are exempt.

In a statement to the media today Honda’s motorsport boss Yasuhisa Arai confirmed that they would not be taking a break this summer. Arai confirmed the following:-

‘No holiday for us unless something unexpected happens in the factory. We will continue to work hard.’

Meanwhile,  Honda have confirmed that they will spend three tokens on their next upgrade for the Belgian GP, leaving them with four to use later in the season, according to Honda. They added the following to the media today:-

‘Before the end of the season we also hope to take advantage of the other four tokens that will remain [after this upgrade].  We hope to gain 15 horse power from the changes. A small step in the long chase of Mercedes.

‘We are aware that we are behind the competition, but we are working like crazy to try to recover.’


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