Pirelli thinking about implementing a ‘super-soft’ tyre


It has been announced today that tyre manufacturer Pirelli has revealed they could introduce a fifth type of tyre next season that will be suited to street tracks.

Pirelli currently at the moment has four types of rubber – hard, medium, soft and supersoft – available to Formula 1 teams for dry races.

Following on from complaints from drivers that the supersofts were still not good enough for the unique demands of circuits like Monaco and Canada, Pirelli made some tweaks for this year’s race.

The upgraded supersofts were meant to provide more even contact with the track surface, improving adhesion and handling, but drivers still struggled to get heat into the rubber in the cooler conditions.

However Pirelli is listening to the concerns and in an interview with the media today Pirelli’s motorsport Director Paul Hembery says they could introduce a super supersoft tyre for the 2016 season. Hembrey stated the following:-

‘We’re still hoping to develop some ideas where we can address, certainly, the harder tyre, which is in need of a modification, and a product that can be used on the true street circuits.

‘Maybe four circuits – Canada, Monaco, Singapore for example – where you need a much softer tyre than what we currently have with the supersoft.’


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