Two F1 teams fail to gain entry bids for the 2016 season

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Chinese Grand Prix - Race Day - Shanghai, China

The FIA have confirmed later this week that Haas F1 will be the only new team on next year’s grid after two applicants failed to meet the criteria.

With Haas joining the grid next season, the FIA had hoped to add another team to the line-up thus bringing the number of cars up to 24.

However, two outfits did enter the tender process and the motorsport’s governing body has rejected both. In a statement to the press later this week, an FIA spokesperson stated the following on the matter:-

‘We can confirm that the FIA received two candidate Formula 1 team applications for vacant grid slots. We subsequently put these through our comprehensive diligence processes.

‘Unfortunately none of the applicants were able to meet the FIA’s criteria for new teams despite being granted every opportunity of doing so, and we now consider this round of applications to be closed.’


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