Brundle puts “ultimate” F1 track up for auction


It has been announced today that former F1 driver Martin Brundle’s ideal F1 circuit will be up for auction at next weekend’s CarFest South event as Classic Car Auctions puts Hornby Hobbies’ Ultimate 2015 Scalextric track under the hammer on Sunday 30th August.

With Brundle designing the layout, it is the biggest Scalextric has ever created,; consisting of 177 pieces and measuring fully 45 metres in length. However, Brundle’s layout features the best corners, chicanes, and sections from the 2015 F1 calendar.

Brundle’s layout includes Monza’s Ascari Chicane, Monaco’s Casino Square, Montreal’s ‘Wall of Champions’, Copse Corner from Silverstone and Marina complex from Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina layout. But in an interview with the media today, Brundle explains that there was so much choice for him to choose from; yet a lot of sections to consider:-

‘I immediately wanted a figure of eight like our beloved Suzuka, and could only dream of driving a series of corners such as scaling the mountain up to turn one in Austin before falling through the ‘Senna S’ of Brazil and towards Silverstone’s fearsome Copse corner – and that’s just a small section.

‘Amazingly, we’ve built a model and so I will revert to my childhood for many laps. It’s going to get competitive.”

The layout that Brundle has designed has been kindly donated by Hornby and Sky and the ultimate 2015 track will be a major feature of the auction and is offered with no reserve, with 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the track going to Children in Need, a cause close to CarFest organiser Chris Evans’ heart.

In a statement from the CCA, they stated the following about Brundle’s track being a major part in their auction as follows:-

‘We’d like to thank Hornby once again for allowing us to auction this amazing circuit in our sale at CarFest. We’re sure there will be plenty of interest and hope to generate a fantastic sum for charity.’

To see and race on the track, CarFest South visitors should head for Hornby on stand W25 at the Laverstoke Park Farm event on Saturday 30th August 2015 and I hope it raises a lot of money to help out the charity and goes to a loving home.


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