The FIA release pit-to-car radio restrictions in further detail

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Chinese Grand Prix - Race Day - Shanghai, China

The FIA has released further details of its plans to restrict pit-to-driver communication, which will come into effect at the opening race of the 2016 season this afternoon.

These restrictions have been engineered as a part of a clampdown on Article 20.1 of the Sporting Regulations which states that “the driver shall drive the car alone and unaided”.

The sport’s governing body has today released an list of 31 permitted messages has been released, with anything else considered a breach of the regulations. Here is the restricted list that the FIA have released this afternoon as follows:-

– Indication of a critical problem with the car, e.g. puncture warning or damage
– Indication of a problem with a competitor’s car
– Instruction to enter the pit lane in order to fix or retire the car
– Marshalling information (yellow/red flag, start aborted or similar instruction from race control)
– Wet track, oil or debris in certain corners
– Instructions to swap position with other drivers
– Acknowledgement that a driver message has been heard
– Lap or sector time detail
– Lap time detail of a competitor
– Gaps to a competitor during a practice session or race
– “Push hard”, “push now”, “you will be racing xx” or similar
– Helping with warning of traffic during a practice session or race
– Giving the gaps between cars in qualifying so as to better position the car
– Tyre choice at the next pit stop
– Number of laps a competitor has done on a set of tyres during a race
– Tyre specification of a competitor
– Information concerning a competitor’s likely race strategy
– Safety Car window
– Driving breaches by driver or competitor, e.g. missing chicanes, track limits, penalty etc
– Notification that DRS is enabled or disabled
– Dealing with a DRS system failure
– Change of front wing position at the next pit stop
– Oil transfer
– When to enter the pits
– Reminders to check for white lines, bollards, weighbridge lights when entering or leaving the pits
– Reminders about track limits
– Passing on messages from race control
– Information concerning damage to the car
– Number of laps remaining
– Test sequence information during practice sessions, e.g. aero-mapping
– Weather information

I have my own thoughts on this issue; but I’d love to hear your thoughts on the list that the FIA have released today and please place a comment below!


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