Pirelli recommending a lower tyre pressure this weekend in Monza

1022.6666666666666x767__origin__0x0_Pirelli_supersoft_tyreBefore the start of FP2, Pirelli has informed Formula 1 teams of the minimum tyre pressure and camber requirements that will be enforced at this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix.

Several drivers, including world champion Lewis Hamilton, voiced concern on Thursday that a potential tyre pressure increased of 5psi was too much.

The figure of 5psi appears to have been born out of a comparison between tyre pressures used at last year’s Belgian Grand Prix, which was 18psi front and rear, and the initial figure Pirelli suggested to teams of 23psi for the fronts and 22psi at the rear.

However, after releasing the first figure, Pirelli made two subsequent changes. The first adjustment from Pirelli came on Thursday afternoon was a move to 22psi and 21psi respectively.

On Friday morning, Pirelli said its official figure which it traditionally submits to teams ahead of first practice on every weekend; was being revised to 21psi and 19.5psi. This then represents a 1psi increase to both fronts and rears compared to Spa and a 3psi and 1.5psi rise from last year’s race at Monza.

But Pirelli has changed the construction of the tyre for this season and along with the increased performance and loads on the tyres this term and the unique pressures the Monza track represents, a rise in tyre pressures was required. However, a further change could happen after running in Friday practice has been completed and we can only wait and see if this is the case as Pirelli analyse the data from today’s sessions.


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