Red Bull to part ways with Renault in 2016


This evening, it has been speculated according to Autosport that Red Bull Racing and Renault are set to part ways in 2016

With the impending return of Renault to Formula One as a full works team next season; it appears Renault will no longer power Red Bull as a result.

The Red Bull Racing-Renault partnership has seen a lot of success over the past six seasons, winning four drivers’ championships and four constructors’ title with former driver and Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel.

Their relationship has deteriorated over the past two seasons using the media; due to the lack of development towards Renault’s V6 turbo power unit.

Despite having a contract for 2016, reports suggest the deal between the two parties will come to an end a year early. It has been speculated that Red Bull have issued a request to terminate the contract between the two parties.

This will also have implications for Red Bull’s sister team Toro Rosso, who are also powered by Renault. With reports in the paddock suggest Red Bull are in talks with Mercedes for 2016 while Toro Rosso are set to return to Ferrari power for next season. Have Red Bull switched to Mercedes power for next season; I’ll be very surprised if they have or is there another manufacturer in the frame? Only time will tell.


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