Pirelli and the FIA to define tyre restrictions


It has been announced this morning that tyre manufacturer Pirelli and the FIA will use the practice sessions for the Singapore Grand Prix to define “a clearer procedure” relating to tyre restrictions.

Mercedes was under investigation following the Italian Grand Prix after it was found to have tyre pressures which were below the Pirelli specification on the grid. However, the Mercedes team escaped being punished for this; as the team firmly stated that its pressures were legal when the pressures are usually checked by Pirelli.

Part of the decision not to punish Mercedes after the Italian GP two weeks ago saw the FIA admit it would need to clarify the procedure for measuring tyre parameters and Pirelli motorsport boss Paul Hembery says this will now take place in Singapore.

In an interview with the media today, Hembrey has stated that they are working closely with the FIA to define clearer rules and regulations regarding the tyres to avoid a situation like the Italian GP with Mercedes two weeks ago. Hembrey stated the following:-

‘During [practice], we will also be defining, together with the FIA, a clearer procedure enabling the teams to more easily follow the rules regarding tyre usage. This is important to avoid any misunderstandings, by giving the teams more precise indications to comply with, thus avoiding what happened to Mercedes in Monza.’

Overall, I believe that Pirelli and the FIA working together to make a clear and stronger set of rules regarding the tyres is welcome news. With teams such as Williams believing that Mercedes should have been punished for what happened two weeks ago in Italy still; within the last two weeks, both parties have made strong steps to resolve this issue as quickly as they possibly can and in my opinion, they have to in order to regain confidence and trust in how they use the Pirelli tyres during a race weekend.

With the FIA and Pirelli now working on a new set of regulations regarding the tyres; things may change with how the teams and drivers operating the tyres but let’s hope it doesn’t affect the racing on the track and we don’t see the situation we saw in Monza two weeks ago happening again in the near future after these rules have been implemented.


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