Singapore GP to go ahead this weekend despite smog


It was announced yesterday that the Singapore Grand Prix will go ahead as planned this weekend with officials insisting the hazy conditions won’t disrupt the race.

Over the past few days thick smog has clouded the Marina Bay Street Circuit and surrounds for more than a week now, leading to several events in the area being cancelled while health officials have also raised concerns.

With some rain hitting the circuit on Tuesday morning has led to some of the haze lifting and Singapore GP officials say pollution levels were recorded at 130-161 PSI for the previous 24-hours, which is considered in the low range of unhealthy air quality.

In a statement from the Singapore GP circuit organisers stated the following about the smog situation heading into the Grand Prix weekend as follows:-

‘Based on the current PSI levels, there are no plans to amend the published racing and entertainment programme.

‘The haze situation is highly changeable not only from day to day, but from hour to hour. Therefore, it is currently not possible to reliably predict what the PSI level might be over the race weekend.

‘We will continue to work closely with all the relevant government authorities to receive the best possible forecasts when they are available.’


2 thoughts on “Singapore GP to go ahead this weekend despite smog

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