Force India and Sauber lodge a formal complaint to the EU


It was announced two days ago that the F1’s governance and allocation of prize money are under scrutiny after Force India and Sauber lodged a complaint at the European Union.

It is no secret that Formula 1’s top teams Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren Red Bull and Williams receive a bigger share of the pie, which is considered “heritage payments” as they are “historical” constructors.

And it’s not just money issues that are a concern as Force India and Sauber are also unhappy that the F1 Strategy Group, which ultimately makes the big decisions which doesn’t include the smaller teams such as themselves.

The Times has reported recently ‘that a briefing note shows that Force India and Sauber have tired of the heavily skewed payments system that favours five teams over the five independently run outfits struggling to stay alive’.

A statement from the Force India team stated the following on the matter as follows:-

‘Sahara Force India is one of two teams to have registered a complaint with the European Union questioning the governance of Formula One and showing that the system of dividing revenues and determining how Formula One’s rules are set is both unfair and unlawful.

‘Due to the ongoing legal discussions, it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time.’


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