Grosjean to move to Haas F1 for the 2016 season


It was announced on Tuesday that Romain Grosjean has been confirmed by the Haas F1 team that he will be their lead driver when they enter the sport next season.

Grosjean joins the new American-based outfit from Lotus, the team with which he made his debut with in 2009 when they were still running under the Renault guise and where has spent his entire F1 career.

Life at the Lotus team though has not been rosy the past two seasons as they have struggled financially, but there is light at the end of the tunnel with French manufacturer Renault announcing on Monday that they will buy a controlling stake in the squad and run it as a works team from 2016.

However, Grosjean won’t be around as he has signed for newcomers Haas F1 Team, who will enter the sport next year with Ferrari providing them engines and technical help. In the press conference on Tuesday, Gene Haas believes that Grosjean is the right choice for the team especially as they get to grips with the sport. Haas stated the following:-

‘This is part of our long-term strategy. We wanted an experienced driver to lead our team into the 2016 season. F1 is a tricky business, and like any business you have to learn, and the best way is to learn from other people. Romain was one of several candidates, he has been in F1 for many years, and been excellent for Team Lotus.

‘I reviewed a lot of videos of his driving style, and one of the things that is very impressive is that he has scored points every season, and our primary goal is to be able to score points. As a piece of the puzzle he is going to have a lot of work to do, he is our lead driver.’

It is clear that Haas feels that Grosjean is going to be a big part in helping the team get to grips with running in the sport as his experience will be valuable to helping them. And with the experience that Grosjean has, this will only be a good thing for the team and also for Grosjean who could if he wanted to build a team around him to get the success that he truly deserves.

Also at the press conference, Grosjean is happy with the choice that he has made and is impressed with everything Haas are going behind the scenes in order to go racing next season. Grosjean added the following:-

‘What Gene Haas and everyone at Haas F1 Team is building is impressive, and I’m very proud to be a part of it. Formula One is incredibly competitive and the only way to succeed is by finding new ways of doing things.

‘This is a new opportunity with a new team that is taking a very different approach to Formula One. I believe in their approach and they believe in me. While I am committed to giving my absolute best to my current team in these last five races, I am very excited for what the future holds at Haas F1 Team.’

It is clear that Grosjean is happy with the decision that he has made regarding his move to Haas for next season. It is clear from both parties that both have the confidence and the belief needed in order to work together and create the success that both partnerships want in the distant future.

Even though his future has now been decided by Haas, Grosjean is correct to say that he will be giving it everything in the last five races and hopefully be able to give the Lotus team the best possible send off and thank you that he can do before he leaves for Haas. But the future is looking bright for Grosjean and for Haas and I truly hope that both of them get the success that they deserve as quickly as possible.


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