Verstappen celebrates his 18th birthday with passing his driving test


Even though he has been driving an F1 car all season long, Toro Rosso driver Max Verstappen finally obtained his driver’s licence on Wednesday as he turned 18.

The teenager became the sport’s youngest-ever driver at the age of 17 at the start of the year, yet he wasn’t able to drive on the roads of Belgium, where he lives, as the minimum age is 18.

And he celebrated his birthday on Wednesday by passing his driving test.

In a statement on his official website yesterday, Verstappen confirmed the happy news as follows:-

‘It’s great to be 18 and to have a driving license. That I’m finally allowed on the road on my own gives me more independence, which is great!

‘I have to say it’s a relief to pass the test. I was a bit nervous to make mistakes, but the exam went well.’

I would like to wish a massive congratulations to Max and I hope that he had a great day yesterday and let’s hope he picks a road car that will always remember this special day in his life.


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