Happy 3rd birthday to Jones on F1!


The 25th October 2012; the first time Jones on F1 published its first article and made its first steps into the F1 Blogging world. Now three years later, never did I imagine in my wildest dreams that Jones on F1 would reach its first birthday; never mind its third birthday!

But what a journey it has been. Jones on F1 has gone from taking its first steps in October 2012 to now in October 2015 growing beyond my expectations. This has seen the blog not only gain momentum, respectability, an amazing group of regular followers, having the chance to speak at events about my passion for the sport in my home town of Liverpool, reaching over 22,000 website views and over and also over 1,400 blog posts.

This also alongside acquiring the best Promotional Partners I could wish for; but it has also given me the chance to write for other websites alongside this and gain more further media access to the sport that I love more passionately than ever.

A big thank you firstly goes out to my amazing Promotional Partners who are Duurt (@MsportXtra), Etienne (@EtienneDokkum), Sarah (@F1_Fans_Updates and also Pit Stop Radio (@PitStopRadio), Paul, Ben and Jon. You guys are the best partners I could have and thank you for everything you’ve done for the blog and also for myself personally as frinds; wouldn’t be where I am without you and long may our partnerships continue!

Big thanks to my editor Phil at Driving for Pleasure for giving me the chance to write the F1 coverage for the website. Its been great working with you and thank you for being so understanding around my work commitments and long may our partnership continue.

I would also like to say a big thank you to the Pit Stop Radio family and the Pure F1 Family (you know you are) for welcoming me into your world and just allowing me to be myself while talking about one of my great passions in life and become some of my good friends; you guys rock!

Another thank you goes out to everyone I’ve worked with along the way especially everyone at Read Motorsport (formally Formula Update). You gave me a chance to write for you guys, gain further media access and also the confidence to improve as a writer and I’m grateful for what you did for me during the time I worked with you all.

I cannot forget the F1 Family on Twitter especially some of you who have supported Jones on F1 from its beginnings as McLaren F1 Messiah. You gave me the confidence to branch out, interact with other members of the family on Twitter and just be myself which I thank you all for.

And finally, a big thank you to my friends and family for everything. I know I drive you mad when I’m writing or discussing with you about F1 and you all know nothing about it. But you’ve given me the confidence, belief and the drive to actually keep with the blog when at times I wanted to give up and I’m glad you talked me around. You guys are my world and I love you all so much.

So all that’s left to say is Jones on F1 is now officially three years old and is growing and improving all the time; long may that continue and I can break even more of my own expectations that I had three years ago when I created this blog. The only way is up!



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