Nurburgring eyes F1 return in 2017


Two days ago, officials from the Nurburgring in an interview with the media issued their wishes of hoping to return to the Formula 1 calendar in 2017 after they confirmed they have held discussions with Bernie Ecclestone.

The German Grand Prix had to be cancelled earlier this year after both Nurburgring and Hockenheim, who had an event-sharing agreement, pulled out due to financial difficulties.

The Nurburgring was originally set to host the 2015 race; but they said no earlier in the year and it was offered to Hockenheim, who also turned down the opportunity.

Hockenheim has been pencilled in to host the 2016 German GP, but the Nurburgring has set its sights on returning to F1 the following year. In an interview with the media two days ago, Nurburgring CEO Carsten Schumacher stated the following about the current situation as follows:-

‘We strive for a Formula 1 race in 2017 and are in proper discussions with Bernie Ecclestone. The theme of Formula 1 is not off the table. I hope that Formula 1 will return to its former strength, and if the value for money is good then we will [return].’

As for their decision to pull out of this year’s event, Schumacher insists they didn’t have much of a choice. Schumacher added the following:-

‘We had long discussions about Formula 1 this year. We were very committed to making sure we had a race, and I regret it did not occur at the end of the day, but we could not and would not bear alone the risks.

‘Instead of Formula 1, we then had the WEC race. This was an outstanding success. Of course, I have regrets for the fans, the region and also for us, the Formula 1 race could not take place, but in addition there is the business side. In retrospect, we have not met anyone who said we made a wrong decision – on the contrary.

It is clear that Schumacher feels that feels regret by not hosting an Formula One race this season but with everything that was going on with the track; they did the right thing in the end and ensured that they sorted their issues out without it affecting their reputation if a race was held while this was ongoing.

Even though they are now in discussions with Ecclestone for 2017; all they can do is push ahead with the talks and prove to him and the FIA that everything is as it should be and that they have everything in place needed to host the event; as it has been a poorer calendar without the German GP and we cannot afford to lose it in the near future either.


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