Fong to receive another test with Sauber at Abu Dhabi


It was announced this morning that Adderly Fong will drive the Sauber in next week’s one-day Pirelli Formula 1 tyre test, sharing duties with Marcus Ericsson.

Fong previously had a relationship with Sauber last season, which included a Friday practice outing at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

This year, he has been part of Lotus development programme alongside a GP3 campaign, where he has yet to score a point.

The Sauber team have stated thst Fong’s objective during the 12-hour test on Tuesday will be to qualify for the extension of his superlicence before handing the car over to Ericsson.

In an statement to the media this morning, Fong stated the following about this opportunity that Sauber has given him as follows:-

‘I will do my best to give valuable feedback. I am looking forward to it, as well as the aim of extending my superlicence after completing 300km. Last year it was great to have the chance to drive the Sauber C33-Ferrari during FP1 here at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Now I am curious about testing the current car.’

It is clear that Fong has been given another chance to impress the Sauber team while gaining further knowledge and experience within Formula One that will help him develop as a driver as well. He clearly knows that this is a great thing for his career, knows what he needs to do and wants to achieve it as well.

Meanwhile, Sauber Team boss Monisha Kaltenborn added the following on Fong driving in the pre-season Abu Dhabi test as follows:-

‘We are pleased to have Adderly in the car again and to give him the opportunity to drive a current Formula 1 car. He immediately put in a solid performance in his last opportunities for us. We are confident Adderly will again put in every effort in this tyre test.’

It is clear that Fong and Sauber are happy with the arrangement and hope that it will be a successful test for them. But the spotlight is firmly on Fong to do the job that he needs to do for Sauber but most importantly for himself and his racing career in the process.


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