Highlight of F1 2015: Places Alonso Would Rather Be


In a brand new feature for Jones on F1 this year, I have decided to write a few articles about some of my personal highlights from the 2015 Formula One season. My first article is about how a photo of Fernando Alonso during the Brazilian GP Qualifying session set social media outlets such as Twitter alive.

Even though the 2015 season wasn’t what McLaren nor Alonso expected, he proved there was a still a slither of humour to be had from his dismal return to the McLaren fold in 2015 when he inadvertently sparked a social media movement.

A day after an image of him sitting glumly beside his expired MP4-30 went viral during free practice for the Brazilian Grand Prix, Alonso took it up a notch when the same thing happened during qualifying at Interlagos, finding a deckchair and sunbathing.

Eliciting a few chuckles amongst the viewing public, Alonso later joked in an interview with the media that he wished he had brought some sun cream and his phone him. But it was as a result of his actions that would spark a social media movement, with mock ups of ‘that’ image doing the rounds associated with the #PlacesAlonsoWouldRatherBe meme trending globally.

Here are some of my favourite tweets that appeared on Twitter as follows:-

Did you have a favourite? If so, share it with us by commenting on the post below with your favourite!


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