Highlight of F1 2015: Red Bull’s lonely hearts advertisement

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Bahrain Grand Prix - Qualifying Day - Sakhir, Bahrain

My second highlight of the 2015 Formula One season was when Red Bull Racing in a bid to secure an new engine partner for the 2016 season after a public break up with former partner Renault decided to place a “lonely hearts ad” on Twitter to advertise for a new engine partner.

When Red Bull entered the sport in 2005, it made an impression on the paddock through its lively approach to marketing, the fun-loving attitude and ‘extreme’ image that successfully transformed a sickly energy drink into a multi-billion pound brand reflecting on the team in those first years…

However, the ‘tongue-in-cheek’ approach that once had Christian Horner jumping naked into Monaco Harbour and the team issue a race preview that simply criticised the French, has dissipated over the years, the seriousness growing with the trophy count.

Even so, as Red Bull wasn’t as competitive as many thought they would be this season with more headlines being generated off-track, it still showed a bit of the GSOH that it made such an impression with ten years ago as it made light of a serious situation with a ‘lonely car’ advert on the look-out for a new engine partner as follows:-

It was announced after the pre-season test in Abu Dhabi that Red Bull would eventually continue with Renault power, but the power unit will be named TAG-Heuer and the four-time title winning team will take charge of development.

Is this one of your favourite highlights from this season? If not, comment below with yours!


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