Nasr: 2016 Sauber will look “very different”


In an interview with the media yesterday, Felipe Nasr believes that the Sauber team have taken a more aggressive approach to their 2016 car in order to make a much needed leap forward.

This season saw Nasr in his first season in F1 contributed 27 points to Sauber’s 36 point total in 2015, putting them a distant eighth behind Toro Rosso and just ahead of the struggling McLaren-Honda partnership.

Looking ahead to 2016, Nasr revealed in his interview yesterday that the team have taken the decision to follow a radical development path, rather than an evolution of the current C34. Nasr stated the following:-

‘So far they [the team] have been very realistic on the things we are trying to work on and all I can say is the concept looks very different on the car. This year’s and last year’s car look similar on the concept side, but next year we are playing a little bit more aggressive.

‘If we kept on developing the car we have now, there’s little steps we can make. That’s why we are taking this different approach for 2016.’

However further on in his interview, Nasr does expect massive gains, but a “decent step” forward would be good for him and the team. Nasr added the following:- s

‘I think I expect a step forward. We all understand where the car needs to be improved, we know the areas we have to work on, but it’s difficult to turn things upside down and suddenly have a winning car. This is not going to happen. I’m confident we are going to make a decent step.’


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