Button opens fan vote on Twitter for helmet design


It was announced via Twitter today that McLaren-Honda driver Jenson Button has called on Twitter followers to vote on his helmet design for the upcoming season.

Button is set for a 17th F1 season after being retained alongside Fernando Alonso for 2016. Last year saw Button carry the fourth helmet (excluding one-offs) design of his career, a red and white lid with an image of Papa Smurf on the side, a reference to the nickname of his late father John, who died in 2014, as well as Japanese lettering. It was a slight change on the classic helmet he wore between 2000-2008 and 2010-2013.

Button has asked his Twitter fans today to choose between both designs for the upcoming season. A rule change at the start of 2015 states drivers are not allowed to significantly change their helmet design during the course of a year in order to help fans identify them better.

The 2009 world champion has given his fans the choice between two designs as follows:-

In his championship-winning campaign in 2009, Button wore a fluorescent yellow helmet, which matched the colour scheme of Brawn GP. In 2014 he gave his classic design an inverted pink colour scheme in tribute to his father , who died at the beginning of that season. Neither of those helmets have been included in his Twitter poll.

Which design will you all vote for?


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