Todt: The FIA is being audited


In an interview at the Autosport International Show this weekend, the FIA President Jean Todt has confirmed the FIA have brought in an independent audit company to show their organisation is fully transparent and above board.

This audit has come from a result of the recent scandals involving FIFA who controls world Football and the IAAF who control international Athletics. Whilst the audit shows signs of transparency the FIA are already currently being investigated by the European Union after both Sauber and Force India filed a complaint regarding the division of Formula One revenues and the setting of rules.

This complaint made by both teams has yet to go any further than the investigation stage as we stand, but both Force India and Sauber believe they have a legitimate case.

In his interview with the media at the Autosport International show this weekend, Todt stated the following about the subject as follows:-

‘Unfortunately, some global sporting organisations have been facing some problems, and I can only be sorry for them. Am I comfortable about the way our organisation is structured and run? Yes, I am, and I am very proud of all the people involved with it.

‘Saying that, I feel if you are aiming for excellence then you can always try to do better. I have asked a specific audit company to have a look at our organisation, and if they feel they can advise on some improvements, then I’m very happy to take them on board.’

Further on in his interview, Todt further stated that inviting an independent audit company into the FIA was not a decision taken lightly with the proposal debated throughout the FIA right up to senate level. Todt added the following:-

‘We felt the need to ask an audit expert company to address the situation and to be able to highlight the way we are structured. Maybe we will be given some proposals due to their expertise, and I’m happy to take them on board.

“We are a very transparent organisation, and we are very happy to see if we can go to the next step, which I’ve tried to do since I was elected six years ago. They are currently working with us, and we are expecting something from them in the coming weeks, but not any kind of revolution. All our accounts have been submitted to an audit company and they have already certified them.

‘This is more about the governance, and even then we’ve modified the statutes over the last six years, and always to improve them, but it’s an ongoing process.’


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