Marciello spilts from Sauber and Ferrari


It has been announced this morning that Raffaele Marciello has split with Ferrari and will no longer work with the Ferrari-powered F1 team Sauber.

With the death of Jules Bianchi, the 21-year-old Italian driver became the clear cream of Ferrari’s driver development ‘academy’.

Last year, Marciello split his time between GP2 (where he finished the championship in seventh place) and testing for Ferrari and Sauber. He even appeared on several Friday mornings for the latter Swiss team, but he has now  split up with Ferrari; even if many believed that was would be the case.

Marciello will stay in GP2 this year, but when asked about the Ferrari split in an recent interview, he explained that his relationship with team boss Maurizio Arrivabene had broken down. Marciello stated the following:-

‘I never had a great relationship with him (Arrivabene). He did not deem me suitable for F1 and so it ended. You can’t please everyone.’

Overall, I am not shocked by this news this morning. It is clear that Marciello did everything that he could to prove himself on the track and took advantage of the opportunity that Ferrari and Sauber gave him which will only help him develop as a driver in the near future.

But what does this mean for Marciello now? Well for me personally, he will have to make sure that he performs on the track in GP2 this year as much as he possibly can if he has any chance of wanting to drive in Formula One in the near future; even if he does have the experience that most young drivers would love to achieve.


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