Grosjean to debut Haas F1 car at pre-season testing


In an interview with the media today, Haas F1 driver Romain Grosjean says that the team’s first goal is to get as much mileage as possible on their new F1 car, which he will be debut at Barcelona.

Grosjean, who has swapped Lotus for Haas in the off-season, is scheduled to drive the car on the opening day of pre-season testing.

He will then alternate days with his team-mate Esteban Gutierrez, who is making a return to racing having spent last season filling the role of Ferrari’s reserve driver.

While many are eagerly awaiting Haas’ first run, Grosjean insists in his interview with the media today that he and the team will only be ensuring that the car is reliable will be the team’s first priority. Grosjean stated the following:-

‘The first thing for the test is to get the car to run and to work well from there. Hopefully, we can get a lot of mileage. This is a new team, so we need to get everyone to work together, all the engineers, mechanics and the drivers.

‘We need to get as much data and knowledge as we can. It’s important to get the reliability sorted as early as possible because we don’t get much testing and we’re going straight to Melbourne.’

As Grosjean rightly points out in his interview today, all he and the Haas team can do at the pre-season testing is ensure that they get sufficient running and ensure that they get as much mileage on the clock as possible in preparation for the season ahead. Alongside this, the team and the drivers will have to start building up relationships and see how each other tick in order to build a solid foundation on which to improve the car as the season progresses.

But all I can say is that Grosjean is completely justified in what he has stated to the media today and it would be ridiculous of him to say that he wanted more than that. But Grosjean is a driver that has matured and developed over the past few seasons as a leader and no doubt his experience will be of use to the Haas F1 team with regards to developing the car and also building key relationships within the team too.

I really do hope Grosjean and the team get what they need from pre-season testing and have a solid foundation to take to the first race of the season in Melbourne in March.


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