Video: Mercedes release video of their 2016 car


Today the Mercedes  AMG Petronas F1 team has released a video of its 2016 engine firing up which reveals it has opted for two additional exhaust pipes for the new season.

Mercedes plans to unveil its W07 when testing begins in Barcelona next week but has followed the example set by Ferrari and Honda last week by releasing a clip of their engine being fired up. However, unlike its rivals, it did so with a video showing a twin wastegate — meaning it is the first team to show a glimpse of the rear of its car.

The Mercedes team confirmed the news via Twitter as follows:-

With the most notable change to the regulations this season requiring the teams to have a separate pipe from the wastegate from the rear of the car; since 2014 the wastegate pipe has fed directly into a single main exhaust pipe, but that was effectively acting as a silencer. This now means that the regulations have been changed in order to increase the noise of the V6 engines.

The video reveals Mercedes has opted for two wastegate pipes below the main exhaust rather than just one.


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