Ferrari launch their 2016 car; the SF16-H


Yesterday the Ferrari team launched its Formula One car for the 2016 season, the SF16-H.

This season Ferrari is hoping to take the fight to Mercedes this year and has overhauled the design of its car to do so. The new car features a shortened nose as well as a switch back to push-rod suspension for the first time in four years. It also has changes under the skin with a change to the layout of the team’s V6 turbo engine and energy recovery system (see picture below).


In a statement to the media yesterday, Chief designer Simone Resta said the following about the car:-

‘The project of this car started one year ago and the direction was very ambitious, our goals were very ambitious and we tried to revisit and review all the parts. The nose solution is slightly different to last year and this is important because it has a very positive impact on our aerodynamics.

‘After four years of pull-rod suspension we have changed to push-rod suspension, which is quite different and is a step forward compared to last year and previous models. Another important part are the sidepods, the radiators are different from last year and we tried to take advantage of new cooling systems.”

In an press release to the media yesterday, Engine boss Mattia Binotto added the following:-

‘The power unit is the beating heart of our car and compared to last year we have worked on two areas. First of all architecture, we’ve tried to compact it to have a positive impact on aerodynamics and the car is now tighter and narrower compared to last year.

‘We tried to move all the accessories and encumbrances, but we did not only work on architecture we also tried to improve combustion, for example, and also the turbo. This is the first step forward and we made very important technical choices.’

The SF16-H also features a new livery with a white engine cover harking back to Ferrari F1 cars of the 1970s. The new car is due to hit the track for the first time in public at the upcoming pre-season test at the Circuit de Catalunya with drivers Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen due to share track time.

At the launch, team principal Maurizio Arrivabene said the following:-

‘We are a team and we all have the same goal. We want to win races, with respect to our competitors and recognising their value, especially the guy that won the championship last year, but we are also committed to do better and better and better. We don’t go to the races with a big statement, but for sure we go there with a big, big commitment. As I said many times, humility is our drive along with passion and commitment.’

With the media yesterday Sebastian Vettel said he liked the look of the car and is looking forward to driving the car next week. Vettel stated the following:-

‘First of all, it looks beautiful. There has been a lot of work going on and I think these are very exciting times. To really define my impressions we have to wait to go on track, but right now I think it’s a beautiful car and should be a decent step up.’

Meanwhile Kimi Raikkonen added the following about the new car as follows:-

‘It’s a new year and a new car and obviously they all look slightly different. It’s exciting to see the new car come alive and obviously we have a lot of expectations for the new car and it looks great, but we have to wait until we get to the circuit and get some laps done. Hopefully it would give us a lot of success.’


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