F1 set for qualifying change


It has been announced this evening that Formula One is set for a revised qualifying format this year with live elimination during the session to spice up the show.

The new format was agreed at a meeting in Geneva of the F1 Strategy Group and F1 Commission to discuss ways to make the sport more exciting to the fans. The agreement to change the format is targeted at mixing up grids without using artificial measures such as reversing the order.

The new rules will still see qualifying divided into three segments, with drivers expected to be on track throughout and eliminated during each session. The first session will last 16 minutes and after the first seven minutes a driver will be knocked out every 90 seconds until 15 are left. The same will apply in Q2 with further seven set to be knocked out by the same method until eight remain.

The final eight will then shoot it out with the eliminations starting again after the first five minutes until two cars are left on track battling for pole.

The new rules are likely to cause a few upsets at certain races and will offer action throughout the sessions.

Further details of the decisions made by the Strategy Group and F1 Commission, including areo regulations for 2017, power unit supply and cockpit proctection, are expected to be communicated on Wednesday to the media.


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