Pirelli reveals tyre choices for the Australian GP


This afternoon Pirelli has revealed the tyre sets selected by each driver ahead of the Australian Grand Prix.

Under the new tyre regulations starting this season, F1’s tyre manufacturer brings three tyres to each race rather than two, as it has in recent years. The new rules hand the initiative back to the teams and drivers to select how many sets of each available compound they want, with 13 sets allowed for each driver.

The regulation change hopes to spice up races after the large amount of one-stop strategies in 2015. Pirelli is bringing the medium, soft and super-soft tyre to the Melbourne opener on March 20. Of the 13 sets available, Pirelli will choose two which must be used for the race.

Of note is the different choices between team-mates, notably Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, who have each opted for a difference in medium and softs. Sauber and Haas are the only other teams to have drivers with different choices. Mercedes and Ferrari have chosen the same number of super-soft tyres, while Manor is notable in picking four medium compound sets for both its drivers when everyone else has opted for one or two.

The list can be seen in full below:-

All rights reserved to Pirelli.

All rights reserved to Pirelli.


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