Alonso respects the FIA decision that allows him not to race in Bahrain


In an interview with the media today, Fernando Alonso says he was willing to drive through the pain of several rib fractures in Bahrain but understands why the FIA has not allowed him to race this weekend.

Alonso has been ruled out of the desert race on medical grounds after two sets of CT scans on his chest, a mandatory test which followed his huge accident at the season-opening Australian Grand Prix.

In his interview with the media today, Alonso revealed he suffered broken ribs in the accident but wanted to try and race regardless. Alonso said the following:-

‘A little bit disappointed, obviously. We want to race, we are competitive drivers and we like competition and love the sport. So when you come here and you cannot even try it is always sad.

‘It’s understandable and I respect the decision. I tried until the last moment to be able to race and at least to try in the practice. There’s been some painful days, with some pain at home, but I was ready to go through this pain in the car somehow and make sure I could race.

‘At the end of the day the pain is manageable if you don’t think too much and the adrenaline of driving. There are some other risks the doctors think about. It’s a risk factor I understand and to minimise everything is the logical thing. I’m a little bit sad for that but it’s the only way to go.’

Even though Alonso was ready to go through the pain this weekend, he simply cannot ignore the medical advise he has been given and has got to properly recover from his injuries. Of course Alonso will not be happy to be racing this weekend but he has to do what the doctors tell him in order to get back into the car as soon as possible.

Further on in his interview, Alonso also revealed he had a pneumothorax (which is air in the cavity between the lungs and the chest wall) and this means that he risked serious injury if he crashed again this weekend. The Spaniard will have another test ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix but there is no certainty he will pass.

When Alonso was asked about the next test before the Chinese GP, he knows that this would be happening and is more concerned about his safety right now. Alonso added the following:-

‘It’s not 100 percent, it will be another test I need to do in the next eight or 10 days. After that test the FIA will evaluate again as they did now. First of all is the safety.’

And I would have to agree with Alonso here, the first thing that is important for Alonso is that he is medically safe to race and do the job that he loves so much. At the end of the day, he is accepted to do whatever it takes to race but it shouldn’t be to the paramount of his safety which at the end of the day is all that matters. I wish Fernando a speedy recovery.


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