Stoffel Vandoorne to make F1 debut this weekend in Bahrain


It has been announced via Twitter this morning by the McLaren-Honda team that their reserve driver 2015 GP2 Champion Stoffel Vandoorne will replace Fernando Alonso at the Bahrain GP and making his debut in F1 after Alonso was not cleared by doctors to race on medical grounds.

With Alonso being told by the doctors not to race this weekend after there was “insufficient signs” that stopped him to compete in the race this weekend, the McLaren Honda team issued a tweet stating that Vandoorne will be making his F1 debut this weekend at the Bahrain GP as follows:-

Even though it is a shame that Alonso will not be racing this weekend in Bahrain and I hope that he recovers quickly from the incident in Melbourne, it is great news for Stoffel. He has been working so hard for this and he will grab this opportunity with both hands and give the best performance that he can as well.

If you didn’t already know, I am big fan of Vandoorne and I truly believe that he is more than talented enough to be in Formula One and will do as well as possible this weekend when he makes his debut in F1. We have seen how quick, consistent and fast he is as a driver in GP2 after winning the title last season and I think he might just surprise a few people this weekend with how quick he truly is.

I do wish Stoffel the best of luck this weekend and I will be watching him very closely indeed.


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