Hamilton: Will be hard to repeat Hungary 2014 victory


In an interview with ESPN F1 today, Lewis Hamilton thinks it will be hard to repeat his Hungary 2014 heroics at the Chinese Grand Prix after an ERS problem in qualifying  consigned him to the back of the grid.

Hamilton came into qualifying knowing he could not take pole position due to a gearbox penalty and bad luck struck again in Q1 as an engine issue forced him out of qualifying at the first session.The world champion memorably came through the field to claim a podium in similar circumstances in Hungary and Germany in 2014 but he thinks the Shanghai circuit will make a repeat this time around more difficult.

When asked by ESPN F1 today, if that Hungary race gives him inspiration, Hamilton replied with the following:-

‘You can overtake here — the tyres don’t last as well so it’s perhaps not as simple as it was in that race but of course I’ll give it everything I’ve got to try and get up. [The car] is quick so hopefully if they get the issue fixed then we can actually have a race tomorrow.’

As Hamilton says in his interview today, you can overtake on the Shanghai circuit and that there is plenty of opportunity to do so and will do everything that he can do ensure that he has the best race possible tomorrow and that the car and the issues that are currently present will be fixed in order for him to do so.

Further on in his interview today, Hamilton says he was certain there was a problem from the moment he left the garage in Q1. Hamilton added the following:-

‘As soon as I went out. Of course it is unfortunate, but these things are sent to test us. The best thing can do is just try to learn from it. I’m sure the guys are just as gutted as I am but we win and we lose together so it’s a case of trying to figure out the issue and make sure it doesn’t happen again, to either of our cars.’

As Hamilton says himself, he knew the issue was present and he did all he could do within his power today. Even though Hamilton hasn’t had the best luck to his season, he has the right attitude about it which is to take these things on the chin, analyse the data, make the corrections and hope for a better day. And that is after all we can only wish of him and let’s hope we see Hamilton charge through the field and try to regain points back in the championship tomorrow on race day.


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